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Do you want to run fun and engaging fitness sessions that people love coming to – time and time again? If you could earn real money, all whilst getting people to play exciting games?

It’s just accepted that if you want to get fit as an adult, it can no longer be fun. That as a trainer it’s your duty to shout at those you work with, forcing them to live and breathe the “no pain, no gain” mantra.

With Rabble, we rewrote the rules.

As a Rabble instructor you take HIIT (high intensity interval training) and wrap it up in the rules of amazing games. You’ll get to play with committed, fun-loving people who can’t get enough of your sessions. Once they start, members can stick around for 80% longer than some other types of fitness classes!


“I went to a session in Manchester and thought it was some of the most fun I had had doing exercise. As I already coached kids, trying to make sessions as fun as possible, I thought Rabble was just what I was looking for to get into training adults.”
Ali, Instructor


What makes Rabble different?

It’s Super Fun
At Rabble we never tell our players what to do, we give them the rules and let them create the story, so there’s more strategy and agency than most dull fitness routines.
It’s Social
We play team games so we naturally build a community. So our players stay with us 80% longer than most fitness classes and you make friends too!
Hidden HIIT
Players get a workout without even realising it.
Play Anywhere
Run sessions in parks, beaches, sports halls – the world becomes your playground.


How do I become an instructor?

To become a licensed Rabble instructor, all you need to do is attend our 1 day intensive training course, where you’ll learn everything you need to run a super engaging session and grow your community.

After your initial training, you’ll get expert tuition on how to grow your group, access to our growing games library, the support and backing of an internationally recognised brand and all the tools and tips you need to succeed.


How much could I make?

A lot of our current instructors run 3 sessions per week, and can have over 30 people in each game

With your AUD$75.00 Rabble license fee, your sessions could generate you AUD$3240pcm
It really depends how much you want to charge for each class, how big you build your community and how many games you want to run. We give you the power to set your own prices, and the flexibility to manage your own schedule.





What’s covered in the Rabble training course?

  Intro to Rabble
  Health & Safety
Rabble session structure
  Running a Rabble class
  Rabble game rules and dynamics
  Pitch layouts
  Building a successful Rabble
  How to build your Rabble community



Features of your Rabble license:

ability to start running Rabble sessions

use of the internationally recognised Rabble brand

help and support from your dedicated Rabble team

to involve your players in the Rabble national events and socials

access to Rabble games, with more new games each month

personalised booking system and player management software

a dedicated page on our website

customisable Rabble marketing materials

social media materials and support

access our Rabble instructor community

a Rabble T-shirt and kit offers

to train in other Rabble disciplines to widen your market.

Your Rabble License gives you all of this for only
AUD $75.00pcm

“You were made to feel part of the team right away, which has proven to be the Rabble way! As someone who isn’t very confident, I found that the training really helped to build my confidence, not only in being able to instruct games, but also in socialising with the players and the other instructors.”
Samantha, Instructor